One of the most stressful things about holidays is all the travelling time. Packing, drop offs, standing in queue after queue, finding your terminal: it is easy to see why most people believe that the worst part of a holiday is getting there. But it doesn’t have to be that stressful. Here are five helpful tips to make your airport arrival less stressful.

1. Study up on your arrival terminal

You may have flown into your destination airport a million times; but, if you aren’t a seasoned traveller airports can be very confusing. One of the best ways to reduce arrival stress is to figure out the layout of the airport (so you know exactly where the food, toilets, check-in desks, terminals and exits are). Visit an expert travel site, such as FCm Travel Solutions , to find maps to all the major airports across the globe.

2. Give yourself plenty of time

If you are changing flights and heading to another destination, the amount of time you need to transfer may depend on the time of day. Peak travel times mean lengthier waits in the airport lounge, cafes and toilets and showers. If you have a decent stopover, and are planning on venturing out to explore the city, research travel blogs. Most blog contributors will give you a minimum timeframe for getting into and out of the airport. This information is vital for any big-city stopovers where it can take two hours just to get away from the airport.

3. Pack a little pick-me-up kit

Some great items for freshening up upon arrival include a mini pack of baby wipes, a mini moisturiser, toothbrush, toothpaste and some eye drops. These items can be your saviour on a long flight, especially if you find yourself caught up in delays due to bad weather. Being able to freshen up on arrival makes you instantly feel less frazzled. Just remember to declare any liquids before your carryon bag is run through the security check.

4. Have something to eat

Between changes in routine and crossing time zones, it can be easy to miss your normal meal times. A lack of food can cause low blood sugar and make you feel irritable or lethargic. If you disembark only to realise that you haven’t eaten for more than four hours, take the time to have a snack.

5. Arrange transport prior to take off

Getting to your destination and knowing someone is waiting for you is incredibly reassuring. Whether you are travelling alone or with friends or family, it is worthwhile paying a little extra to arrange an airport transfer. When you are travelling to cities with reliable and affordable public transport, it can be tempting to wing it, but don’t forget to factor in any baggage and possible jet-lag. Private transport to the door of your hotel can be a huge comfort after a long flight.

Airport arrivals become easier the more you travel, but it helps to prepare yourself for any trip. What are some of your tips for staying stress-free during air travel? Pop them in the comments section below to help out your fellow travellers.

Photo: Copyright / lightpoet