Africa may not seem like the ideal vacation destination, but the continent is packed with beautiful game reserves and amazing opportunities to view wildlife up close. There are plenty of different safari spots to choose from, some luxurious and decadent and some better suited to those on a budget. We’ve picked out some of the best to get your safari planning started.

Madikwe Safari, South Africa

Many travellers are concerned about the possibility of contracting Malaria when travelling to Africa for a safari vacation. Madikwe is a great option for anxious travellers- it’s in a completely malaria-free region just a few hours drive away from the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg. This private game reserve has all of the Big Five animals roaming free, as well as the increasingly rare African wild dog. The safari offers comfortable family-friendly lodges, enthusiastic tour guides and exciting night drives by spotlight.

Samara Private Game Reserve, South Africa

If you’re hoping to avoid the most popular and busy safari spots in South Africa and find something slightly more secluded, Samara is a wonderful option. This beautiful lodge in the Karoo region is small and chic, with luxurious bedrooms, delicious food and relaxing spa facilities. The wildlife is, of course, the highlight, and there’s no shortage of fascinating animals to encounter at the lodge. You’ll be able to come face to face with South Africa’s famous zebra, rhino, antelope and cheetah, and the reserve is just a short drive away from the Addo National Elephant Park for visitors who want to come up close and personal with the magnificent elephant.

Okonjima Main Camp, Namibian Central Highlands

Namibia is a beautiful country filled with mountainous regions, deserts, expansive savannahs and friendly, welcoming locals. Okonjima is a family-owned nature reserve with several farms and camps available to explore. The focus of the conservation efforts at this reserve is big cats, so visitors who are interested in learning more about cheetah and leopards will get plenty of opportunities to encounter these beautiful creatures. The main camp has 16 lovely bedrooms on offer for guests with beautiful African furnishings, and visitors can travel out every day by car to take a look at the wildlife and scenery of the park. Okonjima Main Camp is also highly affordable when compared with other African safaris, making it a great option for travellers on a budget.

Vumbura Plains Camp, Botswana

Travellers looking to experience the magic of a safari vacation combined with luxury and comfort will get their fill of both at Vumbura Plains Camp in Botswana, an eco-retreat with no shortage of style. Sleep in comfort in your luxurious suite, and enjoy your own private lounge, patio and plunge pool. You can view an amazing range of wildlife, from wild dogs to lions, and take in the incredible scenic views from the comfort of the dining area and deck. The food is top quality and the service is impeccable, guaranteeing visitors a pleasant and memorable experience as well as the opportunity to be surrounded by Africa’s natural beauty.

Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara is Kenya’s most famous safari and game reserve for a reason. This huge park has an abundance of wildlife, including the two million animals that travel through the plains during the Great Migration. There are plenty of different camps to choose from if you want to explore this stunning region with your family, including luxury hotels like Batleur Camp where you’ll have your own private butler waiting on you hand and food. Many of the camps offer tented accommodation with beautiful furnishings and far more comfort than you’d expect, as well as reasonable prices and all inclusive package deals.