Hard as it might be to imagine letting your precious children out of your sight for the whole summer, camp can be an important rite of passage. Not only will your child learn to be more independent and self-reliant, they will also have an amazing time and finally spend some time outdoors instead of staring at a screen.

Camp Wicosuta, New Hampshire

This all-girl summer camp in New Hampshire is one of the best traditional, old-school camps in the country. Your daughter can stay in a beautiful wood cabin, make tons of great lifelong friends and experience a vast range of exciting experiences, from kayaking and horseback riding to the performing arts. This camp encourages its girls to develop into well-rounded young women, allowing them to really get outside and experience nature while trying fun new activities.

River Way Ranch Camper, Sanger, California

River Way Ranch has big ambitions. This adventure camp wants to “challenge individuals and influence the future”, and their plan of action is to challenge and influence through fun activities. Kids from seven to 16 can learn horseback riding, sports, archery, martial arts and sailing, as well as indoor skills like photography and digital graphics. Campers can take part in international tours to worldwide locations once they’re a little older, but just taking part in the summer camp is definitely enough to introduce your kids to a world of adventure and fun.

Camp Moosilauke, Orford, New Hampshire

Established all the way back in 1904, Camp Moosilauke is a great choice for boys who are full of energy and love to explore. The camp offers kids a chance to take part in tons of different outdoor activities, with plenty of adventure trips to keep them on their toes. When they’re not heading to the woods to rough it for real, the campers play land sports, canoe on the lake, go waterskiing and learn tons of outdoor survival skills.

Teton Valley Ranch Camp, Dubois, Wyoming

For a taste of authentic cowboy living, kids can head to Wyoming for a completely out of this world adventure camping experience. Teton Valley Ranch Camp gives kids from ten to 16 the opportunity to learn all about the Old West and recapture that invigorating pioneering spirit. They’ll be shacked up in log cabins, explore the caves, rivers and mountains of the region and learn valuable leadership skills as well as survival skills. When they’re not exploring the Old West, your kids will be riding horses, fly-fishing and shooting arrows at targets, all while having the best summer of their lives.

Sanborn Western Camps, Colorado

This summer camp really has it all when it comes to adventuring outdoors. Located on 6,000 acres of forest, campers learn a new appreciation for the natural world while they learn and grow as individuals. Your child can go rock climbing, dig for fossils, swim and play in the heated pools and sleep beneath the stars after pitching their own individual tent. Sanborn Western Camps offer a once in a lifetime opportunity and will certainly change your child for the better.

Kingswood Camp for Boys, Piermont, New Hampshire

Surrounded by the beautiful White Mountain National Forest, Kingwood Camp for Boys is all about having fun and experiencing the great outdoors. The camp does have its home comforts so your child won’t be thrown too far into the deep end, but they’ll also get to experience fishing, diving, a wide variety of sports and archery. The camp has a beautiful waterfront location that gives the boys the chance to swim and enjoy water sports every day, and the counsellors ensure that “no boy slips through the cracks at Kingswood.”

Image: Teton Valley Ranch Camp by Lucy Gray on Flickr.