Most people think of a beach resort vacation and automatically panic about the amount of money that could be spent. For many of us, a luxury resort just doesn’t fit our budget. That doesn’t mean that a relaxing beach getaway is an impossible dream! There are plenty of great resorts around the world that offer sun, sea and fun at discount rates. Here are our favorite budget beach resorts for your family to visit this year.

Mancora Marina Hotel, Peru

Peru isn’t all about trekking up mountains and visiting ancient ruins. There’s plenty of sunbathing and relaxation to be had at the country’s beautiful beach resorts. Mancora Marina Hotel is a stunning modern resort with a 90-foot infinity pool, private yachts and gorgeous beach views. Watch out for dolphins and whales in the water and enjoy the luxury amenities, all at a surprisingly affordable rate.

El Sitio Hotel, Panama

If you like your beach vacations with a side order of surfing, you can’t do much better than the sandy Pacific shores of Panama. Located in a beautiful rustic village, the fashionable El Sitio Hotel has a great range of accommodation options to suit every budget. You can opt for a stunning suite with a balcony overlooking the ocean or stick to a tighter budget with a bunkbed room for the whole family. The furnishings are rustic but sophisticated, and there are tons of fun aquatic activities available at the beach, from surfing to snorkelling.

Akaryn Samui, Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is a great holiday destination for those looking to catch some rays and experience a different culture without breaking the bank. Akaryn Samui has beautiful villas with huge four-poster beds, complete with their own private pools and gardens. Visitors can keep their bodies and minds feeling fresh with twice-daily yoga classes, and make time to visit the calming holistic spa. The prices are far more reasonable than you’d expect, and well worth it for such a luxurious, relaxing experience.

Stokkoya Sjosenter, Norway

Not everyone is looking for a sweltering hot beach vacation. If you’re after a slightly different destination, Norway could be your ideal spot. The beautifully windswept coasts of Norway are a great summer getaway, and the Stokkoya Sjosenter is the perfect place to take in the scenery. Lay back and soak in the hotels’ huge wood-heated hot tubs, and savor the incredible fresh seafood at the hotel’s restaurant every evening. This refined and elegant hotel is truly one of a kind.

Amarya Shamiyana, Goa, India

Take in the incredible exotic sights of India at the luxurious Amarya Shamiyana, a luxury resort that’s full of bright colors and designer interiors. The hotel is made up of huge tents, providing the perfect atmosphere to get into the beach spirit. The room are comfortable but chic, providing the perfect balance of relaxation and style. If you somehow tire of sunbathing and exploring the beauty of India’s beaches, stroll down the beach to sit down at La Plage, a world famous restaurant serving up scrumptious French cuisine.

Avani Bentota Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is unfortunately overlooked by many as a potential vacation destination, which is a shame with resorts like Avani Bentota on the scene. This hotel was fully renovated in 2011, and now has huge modern rooms with their own private patios and personal rain showers. You’ll have great views of the glistening blue Indian Ocean from your patio, and the service is consistently impeccable. This little piece of paradise really is the perfect place to lay back and let the everyday stresses of the real world drift away.

 Images:  Stokkoya Sjosenter by Darijus Strasunskas on Flickr.