Not all of us are blessed to live in cities with unique, high quality vintage clothing. For those of you who prefer to dress in clothes that have some history, it can take a little travelling to scout out new additions to your wardrobe. Plan your next city break vacation in one of these cities if you’re hoping to bring back a suitcase full of vintage clothes. 

Kyoto, Japan

Not all of the shopping in Japan is focused on modern, high tech designs. Kyoto is home to the Toji Temple Market, a must-visit destination for fans of interesting Eastern vintage clothing. You’ll be able to pick up stunning antique kimonos at this market for reasonable prices, as well as a range of other traditional and non-traditional vintage clothing and accessories.

New York City, New York

No trip to the Big Apple is complete without a vintage shopping spree. The city is chock full of vintage stores to suit every budget, with high end vintage and cheaper finds available, depending where you look. Start your search at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn and end it at upscale vintage boutique Colette on Madison Avenue. If you’re serious about unique vintage finds, make sure you schedule your trip for late October so you can catch the vintage show at the Met on the 25th and 26th of the month.

Los Angeles, California

It’s not surprise that Los Angeles is a veritable Mecca for vintage clothing enthusiasts. LA is definitely one of the shopping capitals of the world, and vintage is no exception. Head to the famous The Way We Were on South La Brea Avenue, where the very best in old Hollywood glamour is on display for all to peruse. If you’re after something a little quirkier and less pricy, visit Hidden Treasures, a fascinating attic store packed full of unique pieces.

London, England

London is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations for shopping and sightseeing, and those with eclectic taste in clothes won’t be disappointed by what England’s capital has to offer. Every budget is catered for, whether you’re looking for designer vintage or fun second hand dresses. If you’re after a huge selection at low prices, visit Camden Market in the northern side of the city. For higher end pieces join London’s glamorous elite at Rellik on Golborne Road. There is a huge selection of unique boutiques across the city with an unmatched range of great vintage finds.

Miami, Florida

Miami may not seem like a city break destination for serious vintage shoppers, but if you look a little further than the big brands of South Beach you’ll be sure to find some wonderful vintage stores. Biscayne Bay is the neighborhood of choice for vintage enthusiasts, with plenty of fun 80s clothes on offer, as well as a range of pieces from other eras. C Madeleine’s is Miami’s top vintage boutiques, with garments for sale that range from the turn of the 20th century era up to the 90’s, offering a find for fans of every decade.

Paris, France

Fans of chic designer vintage clothes will be hard pressed to find a city break destination more suited to their tastes than Paris. If you’re headed to Europe’s most romantic city for a Valentine’s getaway with your loved one, make sure you leave time between the croissants and red wine to explore The Paris Flea Market, known as Le Monde Du Voyage, well you’ll find classic designer vintage pieces from all of Europe’s top brands. If you have any room left in your budget after you’ve finished at the Flea Market, visit GoldyMama, one of Paris’s most famous vintage boutiques, where you’ll find a plethora of pieces from accessories to shoes and wedding gowns.

Image: “Colorful Vintage Paris” by IsabelletheDreamer on Flickr.